Case of 6 Space Viper Rocket Pack New -53%
Fantastic value for this case of 6 packs of Space Viper rockets.Big double burst rockets that are bi..
£257.94 £120.00
Case of Space Hawks, 6 packs New -61%
This is a full case od 6 packs of Space Hawks, 30 rockets in totalSpace Hawks offer a great effect a..
£227.94 £90.00
Horror Midnight Compound New -25%
New for 2019Sometimes you see something and you try and talk yourself out of it but before you know ..
£399.99 £299.99
Neon Sparklers Pk20 New -16%
Something really different here and a long time since we've seen someting different in the Sparklers..
£2.99 £2.50
18" Crackling Sparklers Pk10 New -33%
A pack of 18" Crackling Sparklers.We've finally found a pack of Crackling Sparklers that actually cr..
£2.99 £1.99
Trafalgar Compound -11%
New for us for 2019 is this great compound from TotalFx fireworksA mixed firing compound with 4 diff..
£179.99 £159.99
Brocade War Rocket Pack -20%
We had enough rockets, we didn't need any more rockets until....We couldn't say no to these. A ..
£49.99 £39.99
Coco -9%
Coco is something different and we like different. 50 shots of spinning-hummers head skyward and bur..
£32.99 £29.99
Convulsion -10%
New for 2019 Convulsion is a 75 shot barrage from FAB FireworksA great mix of colours, effects ..
£99.99 £89.99
Grounds for Divorce Compound -30%
NOW IN STOCK.. one of the best sellers of 2017 so be quickEvery now and then we see a firework video..
£199.99 £139.99
Frenzy -17%
New for 2019 Frenzy does what it says on the tin. 100 Z fire shots in 25 seconds.I wasn't sure ..
£120.00 £99.99
Super White Strobe -24%
New for 2019Super White Strobe is a stunning firework. I've seen some fantastic big rockets with gre..
£84.99 £64.99
Lightning Strike -19%
New for 2019 Lightning Strike is a stunning 100 shot barrage from Prestigious Pyrotechnics100 m..
£105.00 £84.99
Columbia Selection Box New -41%
New For 2019Columbia is a larger selection box containing 30 Fireworks.With a good range of fountain..
£80.00 £47.50
Signature 100 Rocket pack -31%
New for 2019To be a "Proper" firework shop you must have good if not great rockets, rockets that you..
£65.00 £44.99