Standard fireworks have been around since 1891. As a child I remember on bonfire night, the biscuit tin would come out with a Standard Selection box. How times change.

Standard Fireworks

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Save £10.00

Air Patrol Roman Candle pack from Standard Fireworks
-50% Pre Order 2021

Air Patrol Roman Candle pack from Standard Fireworks

A decent pack of 10 single-shot Roman Candles from Standard Fireworks.With mixed effects and decent ..

£19.99 £9.99

Galactica Rocket Pack from Standard Fireworks

Galactica is a Full Flash rocket packThis pack of 17 rockets are great value. they offer 3 different..

£49.99 £24.99

Jester Rocket pack from Standard Fireworks

New for 2020 and a last minute addition is this pack of 5 flash rockets from Standard fireworks.Whil..

£9.99 £7.50

Night Sky Selection box from Standard Fireworks

Long gone are the days when on Bonfire Night your parents brought out a selection box they'd put int..

£39.99 £22.50
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