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We opened The Firework Store in 2004 from a small shop in Wakefield after years of buying and letting of fireworks, which gradually got bigger and bigger. At the time we were the only "proper" firework shop in the area other than the supermarkets. Our first year was a success and so we spent a bit more money, put up a website, one of the first in the country with videos of the fireworks and that year we won 3 awards for our shop, our website and just being us. These awards were voted for by customers around the country. Unfortunately that award was stopped some years ago, but we still boast about it.

In 2010 we went to Liuyang, China, the home and birthplace of fireworks and from where the majority of all fireworks sold in the UK originate. To say it was an eye opener is an understatement. Apart from the cardboard tube manufacturing, everything is done by hand. Rows and rows of buildings fill a vast site where a workforce laboriously work on fireworks. Away in the distance will be the powder rooms where the tubes are filled with the explosive powder and away from the main area.

It really is a site to behold as the whole area, approximately the size of greater London without the population, depends solely on Fireworks. Everywhere you go there's small workshops making something Firework orientated. As for letting them off...anywhere and anytime. Throughout the day you hear them but when it gets dark, there always seems to be something going on.

So as you can see, we know about fireworks. So when you come to our shop or call us we can give you the advise you need. We know that around Bonfire Night, the world and his wife seem to suddenly be firework retailers with amazing deals and offers. But what happens if you want to buy fireworks in March, where are they then? The answer is nowhere to be seen. Why? because it's not profitable and it's expensive to be a year round retailer. That's what separates them from us. We often get asked mid year "Do I get a discount as it's not Bonfire night?" the answer is no. If anything we could put our prices up as the Usual Suspects don't sell them, they're too busy selling tins of beans or plants.

We offer advise on safety, firing, displays and can aid in design of your display. We don't just point at boxes and grunt and shrug our shoulders when you ask something as last week I was on groceries, now I'm on Fireworks.

Remember you're buying explosives, so you'll have questions about safety, you'll want to know am I buying the right fireworks, what are the effects, will my choices work well together. We can help and advise on all these things, remember suppliers have their own version of a firework. If you're not careful you could end up with a similar firework in various labels, that'd be a repetitive night.

Around Bonfire Night, in addition to "Pop-Up" shops we've mentioned, you may be tempted with fireworks from a dubious source.

"My mate Dave's** got a great box of fireworks, normally sells for £100 but you can have them for £40" 

This is wrong on so many levels. Firstly, if it's too good to be true, it is. Secondly there are legal requirements to be able to sell fireworks. Thirdly, all fireworks sold to the public must undergo stringent tests and conform to CE specifications, anything not covered by these standards are illegal to sell as a retail product. Finally, in the event of a problem who do you go to, are the fireworks stolen? Our advise is NEVER buy from the back of a van, a guy in the pub, or "Dave**". Remember you're dealing with EXPLOSIVES, they go bang, they hurt and can kill. Is it worth putting your friends and family at risk? Also the fireworks "Dave**" is selling are no where near the quality we sell so not only are they dangerous, they're usually cr*p.

** Dave is a fictitious character we use and does not represent ANY specific person or company. Any similarity to a genuine Dave who legitimately sells fireworks is coincidental. 

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