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24 shot Barrage Selection from Brothers

We've decided to split our 24 shot barrage pack and they're now being sold in singles, though if you..


Ad Astra from Black Cat Fireworks

Ad Astra is possibly one of our best deals at the moment.A multi effect single ignition firework, wi..

£69.99 £49.99

Baby Boom From Klasek Fireworks

Baby gender reveal parties are now becoming more popular and we're getting asked for fireworks.We've..

£62.50 £34.99

Bangers & Flash from Jonathans Fireworks

A great 25 shot barrage.A 2-stage shot with a crackling mine bursting to blue and golden brocade bur..

£16.99 £14.50

Best Price 2530 from Klasek Fireworks

Best Price is part of the Klasek brandThis 25 shot x 30mm barrage delivers on it's brand. 5 rows of ..

£37.50 £29.99

Big Gun from Klasek Fireworks

Not exactly a big gun but certainly a big bore at 30mm.25 shots of large brocade crowns with red and..

£42.50 £34.99

Bite Me Harder from Celtic Fireworks

Can't wait for someone to ask for this in the shop, should be a laugh.A great 36 shot barrage from C..

£11.99 £8.50

Blue Planet Eruption from Klasek Fireworks

Blue is the dearest and hardest colour to put in a firework and this has 6 different blue effects.A ..

£99.99 £84.99

Breakout from Absolute Fireworks

Breakout is a stunning garden firework and boasts a range of effects normally reserved for much bigg..

£29.99 £24.99



Save £10.00

Brocade War from Klasek Fireworks Barrages
-11% Get Quotation

Brocade War from Klasek Fireworks

Get ready for the ear plugs with this one.88 shots of pure madness. Alternating between rows of..

£89.99 £79.99

Bubble Man from Klasek Fireworks

Bubble Man is a great 130 shot firework. 13 rows of 10 with each row firing a different effect.It's ..

£89.99 £74.99

Button Moon from Skycrafter

I remember a kids programme mine used to watch, and it used to drive me nuts. However THIS Button Mo..

£10.99 £4.99

Casper from Klasek Fireworks

New for 2020 Casper is a 25 shot multi-effect barrage.5 rows of 5x25mm tubes with each row having a ..

£27.50 £22.50

Colour Crackles from Celtic Fireworks

Colour crackles is a 25 shot, 25mm barrage.Blue and red strobes burst into crackling clouds and gold..

£26.99 £18.99

Crazy Croc from Jonathans Fireworks

Crazy Crocs is a great low noise 96 shot barrage.Red, green and crackling comets head skyward i..

£5.99 £4.99

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