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Apocalypse Compound Barrages -32% Pre-Order 2019

Apocalypse Compound

New for 2019 Apocalypse is a 120 shot compound firework from Brightstar Fireworks.Four linked f..

£199.99 £135.00
DumBum Compound -20%

DumBum Compound

New for 2018DumBum alert....DumBum's reputation for noise is well known. So what do you do with a no..

£99.99 £79.99
DumBum Crazy Fan Compound -33%

DumBum Crazy Fan Compound

New for 2018This is a 135 shot DumBum fanned, brute of a firework. Not really much else I can say ot..

£119.99 £79.99
Fireworks Show 256 -20% Pre-Order 2019

Fireworks Show 256 Compound

I must admit I thought twice about adding this to our site. It's the dearest firework we've ever sol..

£499.99 £399.99
Game Changer Compound Barrages -38%

Game Changer Compound

New for 2018I guess the name says it all, this brute of a compound is going to change things.This co..

£399.99 £249.99
Grounds for Divorce Compound -32%

Grounds for Divorce Compound

NOW IN STOCK.. one of the best sellers of 2017 so be quickEvery now and then we see a firework video..

£199.99 £135.00
Sorcerers Shadow Compound Barrages -32% Pre-Order

Sorcerers Shadow Compound

New for 2019Sorcerers Shadow is a 135 shot compound firework from Brightstar Fireworks.Four lin..

£199.99 £135.00
Spellbound Compound Barrages -29% Pre-Order

Spellbound Compound

New for 2019Spellbound is a 97 shot compound firework from Brightstar Fireworks Elite range.A stunni..

£175.00 £125.00
Trafalgar Compound Barrages -11%

Trafalgar Compound

New for us for 2019 is this great compound from TotalFx fireworksA mixed firing compound with 4 diff..

£179.99 £159.99