New Year specials

It's difficult to sum up 2020 with everything that we have all had to go through, but I'd sum it up as ******* ****!!

But I doubt for one minute that we can't wait for 2020 to end.

So to bring in 2021 and all the hopes and expectations we have for it and say good riddance to 2020. To help the enjoyment of bringing in a New Year, more-so than ever,  here's our selection of fireworks for that very special New Year's Eve.

As I type I'm unsure of what the rules are going to be but I for one will want to blow 2020 to smithereens, in a fireworks way of course. So enjoy New Year as best you can.

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Ace 3" shell rocket from Viper Fireworks

The Ace 3" shell (ball head) rocket from Viper Fireworks is a stunning rocket.Lacking the packaging&..

£24.99 £17.50



Save £20.00

Ad Astra from Black Cat Fireworks
-29% Out Of Stock

Ad Astra from Black Cat Fireworks

Ad Astra is possibly one of our best deals at the moment.A multi effect single ignition firework, wi..

£69.99 £49.99

Best Price 2530 from Klasek Fireworks

Best Price is part of the Klasek brandThis 25 shot x 30mm barrage delivers on it's brand. 5 rows of ..

£37.50 £29.99



Save £15.00

Blue Planet Eruption from Klasek Fireworks Barrages
-15% Pre-Order NY 2020

Blue Planet Eruption from Klasek Fireworks

Blue is the dearest and hardest colour to put in a firework and this has 6 different blue effects.A ..

£99.99 £84.99



Save £20.00

Crazy Night Compound from Klasek Fireworks Barrages
-17% Out Of Stock

Crazy Night Compound from Klasek Fireworks

Crazy Night is a 2 x Firework compound.Comprising 2 498g fireworks fused together, this comes with a..

£119.99 £99.99

Dandy from Celtic Fireworks

A low noise 98 shot firework from CelticZ firing strobe mines split into coloured strobe effects. Fi..

£59.99 £44.95



Save £19.51

Firework Show 128 from Klasek Fireworks
-20% Pre-Order 2020

Firework Show 128 Compound from Klasek

A 128 shot compound firework , a real bargain AND... and 8m safety distance.A bit of everything apar..

£99.50 £79.99



Save £125.01

Fireworks Show 256 Compound from Klasek Barrages
-24% Out Of Stock

Fireworks Show 256 Compound from Klasek

I must admit I thought twice about adding this to our site. It's the dearest firework we've ever sol..

£525.00 £399.99

Glittering Jewels from Jonathans Fireworks

Another firework that shows that you can have amazing low noise fireworks.Firing in multiple shots, ..


Great White Rocket Pack from Viper Fireworks

Great White is a big pack of 21 mixed sized rockets.It's a great pack offering some great effects, a..

£49.99 £29.99

Grouch from Klasek Fireworks

This is how I feel as I get older.A good 64 shot barrage with 8 rows of 8 different effects. A good ..

£39.99 £29.99

Jester Rocket pack from Standard Fireworks

New for 2020 and a last minute addition is this pack of 5 flash rockets from Standard fireworks.Whil..

£9.99 £6.99

Maverick Rocket pack from Standard Fireworks

A really good pack of 6 full flash display rockets from Standard fireworks.6 different eff..

£29.99 £17.50

Mission to Mars Rocket pack from Black Cat Fireworks

Mission to Mars is a good pack of 4 ball-head rockets from Black Cat Fireworks.The pack has 4 d..

£29.99 £14.99



Save £10.00

Night Breaker from Klasek Fireworks
New -10% Out Of Stock

Night Breaker from Klasek Fireworks

Night Breaker is a 100 shot, mixed tube beast of a firework.In the same vein as Blue Planet Eru..

£99.99 £89.99
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