New fireworks for 2019

New fireworks for 2019

Another year and another batch of New Fireworks to us.

Each year we get inundated with choice of fireworks from various manufacturers. This section contains what we've decided to add to our 2019 catalogue.

The fireworks in this category have been selected for possibly different reasons but the underlying choice for us is they MUST be value for money. 

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18" Crackling Sparklers Pk10 New -33%

18" Crackling Sparklers Pk10

A pack of 18" Crackling Sparklers.We've finally found a pack of Crackling Sparklers that actually cr..

£2.99 £1.99
Best Price 2530 from Klasek Fireworks -33%

Best Price 2530

New for 2019Best Price is part of the Klasek brandThis 25 shot x 30mm barrage delivers on it's brand..

£37.50 £24.99
Columbia Selection Box New -47% Out Of Stock

Columbia Selection Box with FREE rockets

New For 2019Columbia is a larger selection box containing 30 Fireworks.With a good range of fountain..

£94.99 £49.99
Convulsion from FAB Fireworks available to buy from The Firework Store -10% Out Of Stock


New for 2019 Convulsion is a 75 shot barrage from FAB FireworksA great mix of colours, effects ..

£99.99 £89.99
Dark Angel Rocket Pack from Tai Pan -40%

Dark Angel Rocket pack

New for 2019Another great rocket pack from Tai Pan. A pack of 9 good sized rockets comprised with gr..

£79.99 £47.99
Dark Spirit from Prestigious Fireworks -17% Out Of Stock

Dark Spirit

New for 2019Another great 49 shot barrage from Prestigious Pyrotechnics.49 golden comet tails burst ..

£60.00 £49.99
Firework Show 200 Compound Barrages New -25% Out Of Stock

Firework Show 200 Compound

New for 2019Fireworks Show is a massive 200 shot 25mm compound from Klasek.We've had these in variou..

£199.99 £150.00
Frenzy from Prestigious Pyrotechnics -17%


New for 2019 Frenzy does what it says on the tin. 100 Z fire shots in 25 seconds.I wasn't sure ..

£120.00 £99.99
Gemini Selection Box New -50%

Gemini Selection Box

NEW for 2019We've a change up in our selection boxes this year and Gemini is a good size box with a ..

£30.00 £14.99
Horror Midnight Compound New -38%

Horror Midnight Compound

New for 2019Sometimes you see something and you try and talk yourself out of it but before you know ..

£399.99 £249.99
Light Sabre Handheld Bengal Fountain -25%

Light Sabre hand held fountain

Something really different for 2019 and very gimmicky.A hand-held fountain in the shape of a Light S..

£7.99 £5.99
Lightning Strike from Prestigious Pyrotechnics available to buy from The Firework Store -19% Out Of Stock

Lightning Strike

New for 2019 Lightning Strike is a stunning 100 shot barrage from Prestigious Pyrotechnics100 m..

£105.00 £84.99
Little Giants Rocket pack from FAB Fireworks -38%

Little Giants Rocket Pack

New for 2019Little Giants is a really good rocket pack containing 6 rockets. Again don't confuse the..

£12.99 £7.99
Loong from Klasek Fireworks -13%


New for 2019Loong is a really good value firework. 100 shots with 10 rows of 10 and each row is a di..

£39.99 £34.99
Meteor New Age -20%

Meteor The New Age

New for 2019Meteor The New Age is a 16 shot 30mm barrage.Firing large shots of brocade comet tails t..

£24.99 £19.99
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