2021, what next?

Posted by rob^1962! 22/04/2021 0 Comment(s)

Well here we are, April 2021. Who'd have thunk we'd just be coming out of another national lockdown.

FIngers crossed, that with the push on vaccinations, come June 21st things will be back to the "Old" Normal, I don't like the "New" one.

Last year, I can only describe as "Carnage" in the shop. Getting locked down and told to close on Bonfire Night was hard and we did the best we could under the circumstances. If you came to us for the first time then, it's not how we operate. We are a family operation and we value every single person that parts with their hard earned money in our shop. We take the time with people, where we can and have done for the past 17years of operation. So this year's season will hopefully be a totally different experience for us and our customers.

2021 has been a very strange year on so many different levels for us and for so many reasons, but the plan now is to crack on with 2021 fireworks for this year.

It looks like we've price increases coming. Shipping out of China is getting stupidly expensive, evidently a shortage of containers is the excuse. But have no fear, we've been wroking hard to find new products to fill pricing gaps and also trying to limit the price increases by negotiating as best we can.

We'll be updating the site soon, with this years NEW fireworks and also the pre-ordering for Bonfire Night. 

So for now, thanks if you've taken the time to read this and please keep an eye on the site. 



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