Please help small Businesses

Posted by rob^1962! 07/10/2020 0 Comment(s)

Please help the small businesses.

This year is unprecedented and never before have small businesses needed the support of the general public.


During lockdown, many small businesses were forced to close. This increased the use of online shopping, to the point where the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, increased his personal wealth by $24Billion during lockdown. The Supermarkets could remain open and all posted increased profits. I’m not begrudging anyone making a profit, or doing well but our buying habits are changing and it is the small, independent shops that will suffer.


Now that we are running up to various seasonal events, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, the small, local shops really need your support. Most, and I include ourselves in this, rely on these peak buying periods to stay afloat. Take these away from us and the doors will close.


As a specialist shop, we provide fireworks throughout the year, when no-one else does, as it isn’t as profitable. The same goes for any specialist shop, we struggle on throughout the year waiting for that time of the year when we can hopefully make a profit and get paid.


Just regarding our business, the Supermarkets have a good deal on fireworks. They get all their fireworks on sale or return. A manufacturer goes in, sorts out their stock, storage, display and license. Any fireworks not sold are returned to the manufacturer, so it is a win-win for the supermarkets, no risk.


We BUY all our fireworks, if they are not sold, we still pay for them. We do our own website, storage, display, marketing (where we can) ordering… and so it goes on and it takes a good few month to sort out. All this hoping for a good season. Maximum risk


This will apply to ALL small businesses, I am not doing the woe is me, I know a few people who sweat each year that they can make enough to keep going. This year, we are all sweating.


I know people are worried about their jobs, their family and friends. I know this year is going to be hard and money could well be tight, but please, put the mouse down, stick to the Supermarkets for just your groceries, but for everything else, please seek out a small local company and give them a bit of a boost during these difficult times. Every penny spent will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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