What is a compound firework?

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Compound fireworks are relatively new to us.

Compound Fireworks from The Firework Store

Sorry to bore you again with a bit of legalise but it's fireworks, we get used to it.
All fireworks are controlled by various parts, weight, size etc., and currently under CE regulations no individual firework can contain more than 1000g of explosive powder and no tube can be more than 30mm.
For fireworks that is one of the easiest rules and regs.
A compound technically is made up of mutiple fireworks that are internally fused at manufacturer to provide a sinlge display. So, take the Game Changer compound. This is made up of 4 x 50 shot barrages with 30mm tubes. The total explosive content for the whole piece is a massive 3940g way over the maximum 1000g we mentioned earlier.
However, as the piece is made up from four seperate fireworks, each under the 1000g threshold, this is fine. Basically a compound is a firework pack that has one fuse.
So compounds are bringing professional displays to the retail market. they may have a mix of firing effects, multiple firing patterns and the Fireworks Show 256 has a huge run time of around 5 minutes. Yes they are more expensive but you're buying something you can't buy as a single firework.
So if you're after something special, take a look at our compounds as they really are something special.

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