Jonathans Fireworks are new for us because we wanted the best selection boxes on the market. Jonathans selection boxes are definitely quality over quantity. As well as selection boxes they produce some damn fine fireworks on their own.

Jonathans Fireworks

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Bangers & Flash from Jonathans Fireworks

A great 25 shot barrage.A 2-stage shot with a crackling mine bursting to blue and golden brocade bur..

£16.99 £13.25

Glittering Jewels from Jonathans Fireworks

Another firework that shows that you can have amazing low noise fireworks.Firing in multiple shots, ..


Shanghai Cyclones from Jonathans Fireworks

Something a bit different here.Raid tailed comets burst into silver spinners then into large silver ..

£19.99 £16.99

Speed Demon from Jonathans Fireworks

Speed Demon is a large wheel, with three large motors producing a wheel with 3 different effects and..

£19.99 £16.25
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