firing and safety systems

The use of firing systems is becoming more popular in the retail sector.

Whether it is the use of portfires or a full-blown firing system, safety is paramount when setting off your fireworks.

Firing systems allow for controlled firing order and ultimately allow you to view the fireworks from the same place as your spectators so you too can enjoy the night.

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10 x 2m Talon Igniters

A pack of 10 Talon igniters for us with Visco fuse (the green fuse) on fireworks. Igniters are ..

Ignite 18 channel Smartphone Module

Ignite 18 channel Smartphone Module

Wow, I never thought we'd get something like this for the retail market.This system from Ignite™ USA..


Ignite Talon Igniters (Pk 20)

This is a pack of 20 Talon Clip-On igniters for the Ignite 18 channel firing module.Each Talon ignit..


Rechargeable Firework Lighter

Fed up of burning your fingers or the wind blowing the flame out, then we have the answer.This is a ..

£6.95 £4.95
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