Pre-Order for Bonfire Night

We currently are in the process of updating our range for 2021 and have added quite a few fireworks that are showing as Pre-Order. This means that the stock will come into us, usually around September, but it may drift into October.

We understand that you may feel uneasy about paying for something that isn't in yet and in the case of some orders it might be a substantial purchase. With this in mind, we offer the ability to Pre-Order the fireworks at the price at that time on the website, if we are forced to increase prices due to circumstances beyond our control, it will not affect the price at the time of order.

Simply place your order before 18th September, which MUST contain Pre-Order fireworks, and go to the Checkout. (If there are NO pre-order fireworks in your order then we cannot accept this option and we will contact you for payment which will be due immediately)

At Checkout there will be a Bonfire Night Pre-Order payment option. When you choose this, the information will be shown on the page. If you proceed then you will not be asked for any payment and you will complete checkout. Please note that at this point NOTHING is confirmed and all you have done is sent us a request.

Once we have gone through your order, providing that the order complies with the conditions, we will then be contacted and we will request 10% of the total value as a deposit. This must be paid within 7 days of us sending it out, otherwise, the order will be canceled.

Upon receipt of the deposit, we will allocate your stock.

Once your order is complete and all the stock has arrived, we will send you the balance request which must be paid within 7 days of issuing. Once the balance is paid you can arrange delivery or collection to suit you.

Ok, so that's assuming that everything goes to plan, but sometimes things don't.

You have the right to cancel any or part of your order at any time within 14 days of paying the deposit, we will then refund your deposit payment in full. If you fail to pay the balance within the 7 days then we will refund 75% of the deposit paid.

If a product fails to arrive then we will either offer a replacement of equal or greater value or refund all monies relating to that product in full, depending on what you want us to do.

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