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Compound Fireworks

Posted by on October 18, 2017 . 0 Comments.

This year sees a large amount of compound hitting the market. We get asked what's the benefit of a compound, so here's out thoughts.

A compound firework is technically a barrage pack that has been linked together in the factory. We currently stock a range of compounds from 2 to 8 fireworks that have all been interconnected and fused to fire off a single fuse.

The benefits of a compound are that current legislation dictates that a firework must have no more than 1kg of explosive powder. My personal thoughts are that no single firework is worth more than £100 due to the limitations. A compound firework offers customers something special.

Our Grounds for Divorce compound cake has 1.96kg of explosive powder and lasts for about 100 seconds, this is a true display pack. Two amazing fireworks linked together to fire off a single fuse.

Our War Machine compound however, has 8 fireworks all linked together to give a great display of just over 3 minutes and has 3.26kg of powder. A different firework which offers a complete display with a huge amount of effects and colours.

The positive's of compounds are the fireworks compliment each other and offer great value for money, linked fusing means the fireworks will fire off a single fuse and due to the combined powder weights offer something not available in the retail market.

Negatives would be price, however remember you're buying multiple fireworks and when you break the price down they're actually good value and I guess the final negative is they will fire one after the other. Unlike buying separate fireworks that you can control the firing order and timings, a compound is fixed as they are pre-fused.

I personally think that the positives of a compound far outweigh the negatives and offer a truly amazing firework for any display.

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