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1.3g Fireworks now available in store

Posted by on August 03, 2017 . 0 Comments.

We all know that 1.3g fireworks pack more of a punch than 1.4g, the addition of flash powder adds noise to a firework. Simple..NO!!

1.3g fireworks have been virtually impossible for us to stock in our shop unless they came to us caged. You may have bought a firework that when you open the box there's a metal cage that is banded and an absolute bugger to get off. This is there to reduce the storage and transportation classification from 1.3g to 1.4g.

A very brief paragraph on storage classification.

All firework retailers that run shops are allowed to stock up to 250kg (nett powder weight) of 1.4g fireworks with a storage license. the classification of 1.3g or 1.4g relate to storage and transportation only. 1.4g fireworks must have less than 5% flash powder. This is why over the years manufacturers have introduced crackle to replace the bangs we used to get. In some ways 1.4g fireworks can be better as flash powder is very volatile and can over-burst, so sometimes you get a better effect with less flash as you get to see the effects to their best.

So we have under normal storage of 1.4g 250kg of product. If we introduce a single item of 1.3g our storage reduces to 25kg, absolutely impossible to run a business with. However 1.3g fireworks produce a louder effect instead of a dull thud that a black powder burst gives, flash gives you that window rattling bang.

So, you still with me here, cages allow us to store 1.3g fireworks in our shop but the additional cost of the cages push the price up, roughly £10 per cage. A cage may contain 1 firework or multiples.

In 2017 we've invested heavily in some new specialised cages that will allow us to store 1.3g fireworks as 1.4g so we can now introduce new lines to our range of 1.3g fireworks, that we can store in the shop for collection.

Phew, that was one of the longest newsletters we've done, but it's a really important thing for us.


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