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Selection boxes are a staple product bought for Bonfire Night.

They offer a selection of various types of fireworks and various budgets. Unfortunately, not all selection boxes are made equal.

More than any other product we see vast over-pricing of RRP's to show huge discounts for a product that was never worth the RRP in the first place. I've seen so many examples of selection boxes that look huge with massive fireworks in them only to realize that its all packaging.

Our selection boxes are picked to be the best we can offer for the price because we actually review and look at all available to us.

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Full House Barrage Pack from Primed Pyro

New for 2021This is no ordinary barrage pack. There are others out there but this is special. I..

£210.00 £149.99

Mars Barrage Box from Black Cat Fireworks

So a last minute addition.Mars box contains 10 larger fireworks.4 x Fountains2 x Fountain Mines2 x B..

£39.99 £30.00

Neptune Box from Black Cat Fireworks

So a last minute addition.Neptune Box contains 11 Larger fireworks4 x Fountains2 x Fountain Mines4 x..

£59.99 £45.00

Night Sky Selection box from Standard Fireworks

Long gone are the days when on Bonfire Night your parents brought out a selection box they'd put int..

£39.99 £19.99

£50 Lockdown pack

A last minute addition due to the current situation and that we can only do click and collect. We wo..

£75.00 £50.00
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