New -50% Afterburner Rocket Pack from Tai Pan Fireworks

The afterburner rocket pack is great value. Within the pack you're getting 9 rockets, packed with effects and noise as they're 1.3g.

Don't mix these up with other rocket packs out there, if you want good rockets, come to a firework shop.

Fireworks Information
Minimum Safety Distance 8m
Noise Level 1-5 4
NEQ Weight 270g per pack
Storage Classification 1.3g
Burst Size Medium
Number of Rockets 9

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All fireworks are given a minimum safety distance for viewing. We as a company, strongly advise you to adhere to the safety distance when having your display and only purchase fireworks that are suitable for you and your spectators. Yes the bigger fireworks look big and sexy, but they need the safety distance so please stick within your safety. For Fireworks designated as 8m, we recommend a minimum of 15m for spectators. All fireworks emit debris of some kind and it can be scary when this starts coming down.

All fireworks should be secured prior to firing, different fireworks fire in different ways so please ensure you know what you need to set up safely. We strongly advise not to just put it on the ground and fire, should it tip over serious harm could be caused. Some Fireworks carry instructions on securing, where no instruction is given, we recommend burying the firework to over half it's height or securing via stakes & Gaffa taping. Where stakes are used we recommend a minimum of 2 on opposing sides it's important to put one between the firework and the spectators to prevent the firework tipping into the crowd. For taping, do NOT over tighten as this may pinch or constrict a firing tube.

Where you are firing fan cakes, ensure you have no obstructions to the sides such as trees, that may interfere with the effects. With fan cakes ensure that you place the firework the correct way to ensure you see the full effect, it is normally marked on the labelling the way to face the audience. NEVER, NEVER, place a firework with tubes pointing at the audience, we've seen customers look at a fan firework with the instruction label on the top saying "point this way to audience" and ask if the tubes are pointed to audience. This is NEVER the case and if done will cause serious harm to everyone we cannot stress enough how wrong this is and if in ANY doubt PLEASE contact us for information

Gone are the days when you launched rockets from milk bottles, yes milk used to come in bottles. Please only use a suitable tube, they can be supplied with rocket packs or alternatively a suitable plastic plumbing pipe can be used as long as the stick moves freely. We recommend angling tubes away from the audience, but not acutely.

Should you require any further information on setting up a display please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some fireworks are now coming with dual fuses, marked as RESERVE or SECONDARY fuse, if this is the case then please DON'T use these. If you light this fuse then the firework will fire in reverse, meaning you get your amazing finale first. If for any reason you get a mis-fire then once you've left the firework alone for a minimum of 20 minutes, you can light this reserve fuse and fire your firework safely.

A good site for firework safety including legislation relating to fireworks is;

Afterburner Rocket Pack from Tai Pan Fireworks

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