Rockets from The Firework Store

Everybody loves a really good rocket and as a proper firework shop, we sell really good rockets. 

Now a really good rocket isn't necessarily a massive one, we do really good small rockets suitable for a smaller garden.

To us, a rocket has to do something, not just a whizz and a pop. You want to see great colours and a bit of noise helps.

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Ace 3" shell rocket from Viper Fireworks

The Ace 3" shell (ball head) rocket from Viper Fireworks is a stunning rocket.Lacking the packaging&..

£24.99 £17.50

Galactica Rocket Pack from Standard Fireworks

Galactica is a Full Flash rocket packThis pack of 17 rockets are great value. they offer 3 different..

£49.99 £24.99

Glitter Pop rocket pack from Standard Fireworks

A good value small rocket pack from Standard Fireworks containing 4 small rockets..

£4.99 £3.99

Great White Rocket Pack from Viper Fireworks

Great White is a big pack of 21 mixed sized rockets.It's a great pack offering some great effects, a..

£49.99 £29.99

Jester Rocket pack from Standard Fireworks

New for 2020 and a last minute addition is this pack of 5 flash rockets from Standard fireworks.Whil..

£9.99 £6.99

Maverick Rocket pack from Standard Fireworks

A really good pack of 6 full flash display rockets from Standard fireworks.6 different eff..

£29.99 £17.50

Mission to Mars Rocket pack from Black Cat Fireworks

Mission to Mars is a good pack of 4 ball-head rockets from Black Cat Fireworks.The pack has 4 d..

£29.99 £14.99

Sundown Rocket Pack from Black Cat Fireworks

A late entry on our rocket selection, but we couldn't say no.Sundown is a pack of 3 huge rockets. Ea..

£59.99 £39.99

XXXL Type 1 Crackling Willow single Rocket

A HUGE single rocket from Klasek.A massive Gold Crackling Willow with red strobe burst  ..

£25.00 £22.50

XXXL Type 2 Super White Strobe single Rocket

A HUGE single rocket from Klasek.A massive Super White strobing burst, a really stunning effect. ..

£25.00 £22.50

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