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Everybody loves a really good rocket and as a proper firework shop, we sell really good rockets. 

Now a really good rocket isn't necessarily a massive one, we do really good small rockets suitable for a smaller garden.

To us, a rocket has to do something, not just a whizz and a pop. You want to see great colours and a bit of noise helps.

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Afterburner Rocket Pack from Tai Pan Fireworks

The afterburner rocket pack is great value. Within the pack you're getting 9 rockets, packed with ef..

£34.99 £19.99

Ballistic Rocket Pack from Absolute Fireworks

A great pack of 5 x 18g rockets each of which offers different effects. Don't mix these up with the ..

£11.99 £9.99

Brocade War Rocket Pack from Klasek

We had enough rockets, we didn't need any more rockets until....We couldn't say no to these. A ..

£49.99 £39.99

Case of 6 Space Viper Rocket Packs, 30 Rockets

Fantastic value for this case of 6 packs of Space Viper rockets.Big double burst rockets that are bi..

£257.94 £120.00

Case of Space Hawks, 6 packs 30 rockets

This is a full case od 6 packs of Space Hawks, 30 rockets in totalSpace Hawks offer a great effect a..

£227.94 £87.50



Save £4.49

Devil Rocket Pack from Klasek Fireworks Rockets
-25% Pre-Order 2020

Devil Rocket Pack from Klasek Fireworks

A good value pack of 7 good burst rockets, all with different effects.Don't confuse with supermarket..

£17.99 £13.50



Save £10.00

Happy New Year Rocket Pack from Klasek Fireworks
-20% Pre-Order 2020

Happy New Year Rocket Pack from Klasek Fireworks

No need to wait until 31st December to really enjoy this rocket pack.A mixed sized rocket pack conta..

£49.99 £39.99

Little Giants Rocket Pack from FAB Fireworks

New for 2019Little Giants is a really good rocket pack containing 6 rockets. Again don't confuse the..

£12.99 £8.99

Maximum Impact Rockets from Tai Pan

The Max brothers (Big max & Mad Max) rockets are designed around proven professional display eff..

£31.99 £22.50



Save £5.00

Pyro Show Rocket Pack from Klasek Fireworks
-18% Pre-Order 2020

Pyro Show Rocket Pack from Klasek Fireworks

Another good rocket pack containing  9 rockets.All different effects and designed for visual ef..

£27.50 £22.50

Scream Rocket Pack from Klasek Fireworks

Scream rockets, come in packs of 6 and basically they scream.Well by scream what I mean is they have..

£18.95 £12.50

Signature 100 Rocket pack from klasek

New for 2019To be a "Proper" firework shop you must have good if not great rockets, rockets that you..

£68.50 £36.50

Space Hawks Rocket Pack from Cosmic Fireworks

Fantastic rocket pack containing 5 big burst rockets.This is the best selling rocket pack we do. Hug..

£37.99 £19.99

Space Viper Rocket Pack from Cosmic Fireworks

Space Vipers are a great pack of 5 rockets, each with a double burst to them. Great value for such a..

£42.99 £24.99

Sundown Rocket Pack from Black Cat Fireworks

A late entry on our rocket selection, but we couldn't say no.Sundown is a pack of 3 huge rockets. Ea..

£59.99 £39.99

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