Klasek Fireworks are a Czec manufacturer if fireworks. Their range is HUGE and each year we struggle to limit ourselves to keeping stock within our capacity. Most of their range offer multiple effects and their Dum Bum range of fireworks are loud, some of the loudest fireworks in the UK


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Baby Boom From Klasek Fireworks

Baby gender reveal parties are now becoming more popular and we're getting asked for fireworks.We've..

£62.50 £34.99

Best Price 2530 from Klasek Fireworks

Best Price is part of the Klasek brandThis 25 shot x 30mm barrage delivers on it's brand. 5 rows of ..

£37.50 £29.99

Big Gun from Klasek Fireworks

Not exactly a big gun but certainly a big bore at 30mm.25 shots of large brocade crowns with red and..

£42.50 £34.99

Blue Planet Eruption from Klasek Fireworks

Blue is the dearest and hardest colour to put in a firework and this has 6 different blue effects.A ..

£99.99 £84.99



Save £10.00

Brocade War from Klasek Fireworks Barrages
-11% Get Quotation

Brocade War from Klasek Fireworks

Get ready for the ear plugs with this one.88 shots of pure madness. Alternating between rows of..

£89.99 £79.99

Brocade War Rocket Pack from Klasek

We had enough rockets, we didn't need any more rockets until....We couldn't say no to these. A ..

£49.99 £39.99

Bubble Man from Klasek Fireworks

Bubble Man is a great 130 shot firework. 13 rows of 10 with each row firing a different effect.It's ..

£89.99 £74.99

Casper from Klasek Fireworks

New for 2020 Casper is a 25 shot multi-effect barrage.5 rows of 5x25mm tubes with each row having a ..

£27.50 £22.50

Crazy Night Compound from Klasek Fireworks

Crazy Night is a 2 x Firework compound.Comprising 2 498g fireworks fused together, this comes with a..

£119.99 £99.99

DumBum 25 30mm from Klasek Fireworks

Another DumBum product.This is a beast of a 25 shot barrage. 30mm tubes fire mine lifts to loud repo..

£39.99 £34.99

DumBum Candle Pack from Klasek Fireworks

Another DumBum product.This is a pack of 2 x 8 20mm shot roman candles firing 8 loud salutes...

£8.99 £6.50

DumBum Mine Pack fromKlasek Fireworks

Another DumBum product.This is a pack of 4, single shot mines. Each mine has a single shot of silver..

£11.99 £9.99

Firework Show 128 Compound from Klasek

A 128 shot compound firework , a real bargain AND... and 8m safety distance.A bit of everything apar..

£99.50 £82.50

Fireworks Show 256 20mm Compound from Klasek

Fantastic compound firework from Klasek.This is the baby brother of the HUGE 256 version.There are 4..

£199.99 £149.99

Fireworks Show 256 Compound from Klasek

I must admit I thought twice about adding this to our site. It's the dearest firework we've ever sol..

£525.00 £399.99

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