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This is everything we sell that doesn't come under Barrages or Rockets.

So we've our sparklers, mines, Roman Candles etc., here.

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10 x 2m Talon Igniters Everything Else -13%

10 x 2m Talon Igniters

A pack of 10 Talon igniters for us with Visco fuse (the green fuse) on fireworks. Igniters are conne..

£9.99 £8.70
18" Sparklers - Pk 4 -31%

18" Sparklers - Pk 4

A pack of 18" Golden Sparklers.These are Sparklers that actually sparkle and we sell them in packs o..

£1.80 £1.25
DumBum Candle Pack -7%

DumBum Candle Pack

Another DumBum product.This is a pack of 2 x 8 20mm shot roman candles firing 8 loud salutes...

£7.50 £6.99
DumBum Mine Pack -17%

DumBum Mine Pack

Another DumBum product.This is a pack of 4, single shot mines. Each mine has a single shot of silver..

£11.99 £9.99
Kronos Fountain -11%

Kronos Fountain

New for 2018Great fountain offering 6 different effects with a great mix of colours. With a run time..

£8.99 £7.99
Light Sabre Handheld Bengal Fountain New -6%

Light Sabre hand held fountain

Something really different for 2019 and very gimmicky.A hand-held fountain in the shape of a Light S..

£7.99 £7.50
Pack 3 Wax Torches -19%

Pack 3 Wax Torches

  A pack of 3 Citronella Wax Torches with a burn time of around 1 hr. Comes with cardboard d..

£7.99 £6.50
Strobing Bengal Pack -33%

Strobing Bengal Fountain Pack

Sold in a pack of 3, the Strobing Bengal offers great value for money and a very different effect. L..

£8.99 £5.99
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