Celtic Fireworks are one of the premier manufacturers of Category 4 fireworks for the display industry. They have over the years adapted some of their amazing products to now have a fantastic range of retail fireworks. With the emphasis on quality, some of their fireworks are absolutely stunning. Easily recognised by their black packaging, this year, 2020, sees additions to their range of a quieter selection with a stand-our low noise range.

Celtic Fireworks

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Afterglow from Celtic Fireworks

A 25 shot barrage with Titanium tails to huge Gold willow bursts.This effect is always a crowd pleas..

£33.99 £24.99

Bite Me Harder from Celtic Fireworks

Can't wait for someone to ask for this in the shop, should be a laugh.A great 36 shot barrage from C..

£13.99 £9.99

Brexit from Celtic Fireworks

No matter what your opinion is on Brexit, you can't argue this is a belter of a firework.It's a 25 s..

£42.49 £29.99

Calmez Vous from Celtic Fireworks

As a Scouser, they've finally named a firework for us...Calmez Vous translates as "Calm Down" Thank ..

£99.99 £74.99

Colour Crackles from Celtic Fireworks

Colour crackles is a 25 shot, 25mm barrage.Blue and red strobes burst into crackling clouds and gold..

£29.99 £22.99

Dandy from Celtic Fireworks

A low noise 98 shot firework from CelticZ firing strobe mines split into coloured strobe effects. Fi..

£72.99 £54.99

Disco Balls from Celtic Fireworks

Have a party in your garden with some Disco Balls.Not the spinning mirrored ones but a 19 shot barra..

£24.99 £18.99

Fork Handles from Celtic Fireworks

Back again after a bit of a break.The name is synonymous with that fantastic Two Ronnies sketch and ..

£64.99 £44.99

Happy Shepherd from Celtic Fireworks

16 shots, but 25mm bore size so decent bursts.Firing gold comet tails that burst into twinkling..

£16.99 £12.99

Hyperglow from Celtic Fireworks

A 49 shot barrage that produces big brocade crown bursts with red, green, purple, blue and whit..

£34.99 £27.50

Magneto Burst from Celtic Fireworks

A great value 16 shot barrage from Celtic. Firing green tailed comets that burst into silv..

£13.99 £9.99

Misty Mayhem from Celtic Fireworks

New for 2020A 21 shot barrage, unusual but ideal for a 21st birthday. Firing red comet tails that bu..

£27.49 £19.99

Monte Vesuvio from Celtic Fireworks

Monte Vesuvio is a great fanned fountain. Starting with a great fanned golden spray that change..

£19.49 £12.50

Purple Plums from Celtic Fireworks

Another firework that sounds like a medical complaint.But no, another great firework from Celtic. 25..

£44.99 £33.99

Red Mist from Celtic Fireworks

A display quality 19 shot, 25mm barrage from Celtic.Firing red tailed comets that burst into red gli..

£27.49 £19.99
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