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Brothers Pyrotechnics

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24 shot Barrage Selection -22%

24 shot Barrage Selection

We've decided to split our 24 shot barrage pack and they're now being sold in singles, though if you..

£15.99 £12.50 Ex Tax: £10.42
5 Alive Rocket Pack from Brothers Pyrotechnics -17%

5 Alive Rocket pack

Great value rocket pack. Although small in nature, these rockets really pack a punch. 5 different ef..

£11.99 £9.99 Ex Tax: £8.33
Angel Dust Barrages -7%

Angel Dust

This really is something different. This can easily slip under the radar based on the price and its ..

£10.99 £10.20 Ex Tax: £8.50
Diamond Princess Barrages -17%

Diamond Princess

A truly fantastic barrage from Brothers Pyrotechnics. Thick comet tails burst to huge gold will..

£44.99 £37.50 Ex Tax: £31.25
DumBum Candle Pack -7%

DumBum Candle Pack

Another DumBum product.This is a pack of 2 x 8 20mm shot roman candles firing 8 loud salutes...

£7.50 £6.99 Ex Tax: £5.83
DumBum Mine Pack -17%

DumBum Mine Pack

Another DumBum product.This is a pack of 4, single shot mines. Each mine has a single shot of silver..

£12.00 £9.99 Ex Tax: £8.33
Hercules Limited Edition from Brothers Pyrotechnics -42% Out Of Stock

Hercules Limited Edition

Hercules Limited edition is a suped-up Hercules for 2017. Fantastic effects and addition of loud rep..

£155.99 £89.99 Ex Tax: £74.99
Red Alert Rocket Pack from Brightstar Fireworks -44%

Red Alert Rocket pack

Red alert is a good value rocket pack.Offering 21 mixed size and effect rockets.A regular addition t..

£39.99 £22.50 Ex Tax: £18.75
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