Barrages £60 Plus

Barrages £60 Plus

So we've got the big boys in this section. Here you will find the big compounds, the big finale fireworks.

We've picked what we feel to be the best fireworks for display effects and value for money. We've our biggest ever firework in this section but we feel it's actually worth the money.

I've always felt no firework is worth over £100 but with the new compounds I'm going to change my thoughts to no SINGLE firework is worth more than £100 and they are out there. The regulations are too specific for anything over £100 to compete with the range of compounds now available.

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Starfire Warrior from Klasek Fireworks New -15%

Starfire Warrior

New for 2018A real heavyweight firework. 100 shots of various effects light up the sky and give the ..

£100.00 £84.99
Ex Tax: £70.83
Barrages, £60 Plus