Barrages £60 Plus

Barrages £60 Plus

So we've got the big boys in this section. Here you will find the big compounds, the big finale fireworks.

We've picked what we feel to be the best fireworks for display effects and value for money. We've our biggest ever firework in this section but we feel it's actually worth the money.

I've always felt no firework is worth over £100 but with the new compounds I'm going to change my thoughts to no SINGLE firework is worth more than £100 and they are out there. The regulations are too specific for anything over £100 to compete with the range of compounds now available.

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Awakening Compound Barrages -15% Pre-Order

Awakening Compound

We sold the Awakening last year and it flew out the door, this year it is now a compound Firework, 1..

£235.00 £199.99
Ex Tax: £166.66
Big Daddy Barrages -23%

Big Daddy

Celtic Fireworks have an amazing reputation in the professional display department for stunning fire..

£109.99 £84.99
Ex Tax: £70.83
Brocade War Barrages -11% Pre Order 2018

Brocade War

Get ready for the ear plugs with this one.88 shots of pure madness. Alternating between rows of..

£89.99 £79.99
Ex Tax: £66.66
DumBum Compound -20%

DumBum Compound

New for 2018DumBum alert....DumBum's reputation for noise is well known. So what do you do with a no..

£100.00 £79.99
Ex Tax: £66.66
DumBum Crazy Fan Compound -17%

DumBum Crazy Fan Compound

New for 2018This is a 135 shot DumBum fanned, brute of a firework. Not really much else I can say ot..

£120.00 £99.99
Ex Tax: £83.33
Fireworks Show 256 -20%

Fireworks Show 256 Compound

New for 2018I must admit I thought twice about adding this to our site. It's the dearest firework we..

£500.00 £399.99
Ex Tax: £333.33
Game Changer Compound Barrages -25%

Game Changer Compound

New for 2018I guess the name says it all, this brute of a compound is going to change things.This co..

£399.00 £299.00
Ex Tax: £249.17
Grounds for Divorce Compound -27% Pre Order 2018

Grounds for Divorce Compound

Every now and then we see a firework video that gives us a F-ME moment, Grounds for Divorce is one o..

£199.99 £145.00
Ex Tax: £120.83
Gun Slinger from Galactic Fireworks -48%

Gun Slinger

Gunslinger is a great single ignition firework. With multiple effects firing from all angles with st..

£143.99 £74.99
Ex Tax: £62.49
Hercules Limited Edition from Brothers Pyrotechnics -42%

Hercules Limited Edition

Hercules Limited edition is a suped-up Hercules for 2017. Fantastic effects and addition of loud rep..

£155.99 £89.99
Ex Tax: £74.99
Meteor New Age -13%

Meteor New Age

New for 2018Meteor New Age is a good lump of a firework (a proper technical phrase here). 50 shots o..

£80.00 £69.99
Ex Tax: £58.33
Pyro Junkie from Absolute Fireworks -35%

Pyro Junkie

Pyro Junkie is a professional quality Z fire 100 show display firework. From the Absolute Black Labe..

£99.99 £64.50
Ex Tax: £53.75
Rock n Roll Compound -10% Pre Order 2018

Rock n Roll

New for 2018Rock n Roll is another great compound firework from Absolute Fireworks.Comprising 3 x 40..

£99.99 £89.99
Ex Tax: £74.99
Winner Compound -12% Pre Order 2018

Winner Compound

New for 2018Another compound this time we've got 2 x 50 shot 30mm barrages.So with that you'd expect..

£170.00 £149.99
Ex Tax: £124.99
Barrages, £60 Plus