Compound Fireworks

Compound Fireworks

Compound Fireworks are becoming the go-to fireworks.

A compound firework is made up of multiple fireworks that are connected at the point of manufacture to provide a display pack that has only one fuse.

I was never a lover of monstrous single fireworks as I never believe they were value for money due to the legal restrictions on fireworks. Compounds are a totally different thing entirely and whilst individually each piece has to comply, the whole thing offers something usually only available to the professional market.

Having said that not all compounds are made equal and we're very conscious that if you're spending big money on one of these they have to be good... bloody good.

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Save £20.00

Crazy Night Compound from Klasek Fireworks Barrages
-17% Out Of Stock

Crazy Night Compound from Klasek Fireworks

Crazy Night is a 2 x Firework compound.Comprising 2 498g fireworks fused together, this comes with a..

£119.99 £99.99



Save £19.51

Firework Show 128 from Klasek Fireworks
-20% Pre-Order 2020

Firework Show 128 Compound from Klasek

A 128 shot compound firework , a real bargain AND... and 8m safety distance.A bit of everything apar..

£99.50 £79.99



Save £125.01

Fireworks Show 256 Compound from Klasek Barrages
-24% Out Of Stock

Fireworks Show 256 Compound from Klasek

I must admit I thought twice about adding this to our site. It's the dearest firework we've ever sol..

£525.00 £399.99

Revenant from Brightstar Fireworks

Revenant is a big 3 firework compound.A great mix of effects and a mixed firing patter for a really ..

£159.99 £94.99



Save £54.99

Trafalgar Compound from Total FX
New -31% Out Of Stock

Trafalgar Compound from Total FX

Trafalgar is a huge 4 firework, multi effect, multi firing compound.The effects are,CAKE 1:Wave will..

£179.99 £125.00
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