Under £20

Under £20

We try hard to ensure that as well as the big fireworks, people come to expect from us, we have a great range of fireworks at all price points.

Whilst it's getting harder to do sub £20 we will always provide the best range available WITHOUT compromising the quality.

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Bangers & Flash from Jonathans Fireworks

A great 25 shot barrage.A 2-stage shot with a crackling mine bursting to blue and golden brocade bur..

£16.99 £13.25

Bite Me Harder from Celtic Fireworks

Can't wait for someone to ask for this in the shop, should be a laugh.A great 36 shot barrage from C..

£11.99 £8.99

Colossal Candle from Jonathans Fireworks

Colossal Candle is just that, a large 200 shot Roman Candle.Coloured comets with crackles fire from ..

£19.99 £16.50

Colour Crackles from Celtic Fireworks

Colour crackles is a 25 shot, 25mm barrage.Blue and red strobes burst into crackling clouds and gold..

£26.99 £18.99

Crazy Croc from Jonathans Fireworks

Crazy Crocs is a great low noise 96 shot barrage.Red, green and crackling comets head skyward i..

£5.99 £4.99

Disco Balls from Celtic Fireworks

A 19 shot, 25mm bore firework.Red tailed comets fire upwards and burst into white glittering bursts ..

£21.99 £16.95

Dizzy Dinosaur from Jonathans Fireworks

A great 36 shot barrage bursting into brocade bursts with blue, red and green stars...

£22.99 £18.99

Glittering Jewels from Jonathans Fireworks

Another firework that shows that you can have amazing low noise fireworks.Firing in multiple shots, ..

£59.99 £49.99

Gold Rush from Absolute Fireworks

36 shots, great price, great effects, we're sure you'll be RUSHing to add one of these to your displ..

£18.99 £16.50

Golden Palms from Black Cat Fireworks

Golden Palms is a really effective 30 shot barrage from Black Cat FireworksFiring brocade tails that..

£24.99 £17.50

Happy Shepherd from Celtic Fireworks

16 shots, but 25mm bore size so decent bursts.Firing gold comet tails that burst into twinkling..

£16.99 £12.50

Kamikadze from Klasek Fireworks

New for 2018Kamikadze is a great 16 shot barrage with 25mm tubes, the larger the tube the bigger the..

£17.75 £12.50

Mad as a Box of Frogs from Jonathans Fireworks

This is normally how I feel by the end of firework season.Red and silver tiger tails, whistling come..

£9.99 £8.50

Magneto Burst from Celtic Fireworks

A great value 16 shot barrage from Celtic. Firing green tailed comets that burst into silv..

£10.99 £8.45

Meteor from Klasek Fireworks

New for 2019Meteor The New Age is a 16 shot 30mm barrage.Firing large shots of brocade comet tails t..

£24.99 £17.50
Under, £20, Barrages

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