Barrages £50 plus

Barrages £50 plus

So we've got the big boys in this section. Here you will find the big compounds, the big finale fireworks.

We've picked what we feel to be the best fireworks for display effects and value for money. We've our biggest ever firework in this section but we feel it's actually worth the money.

With the increase in the number of coimpounds aavailable this category get bigger, but remember a compound is a number of fireworks linked together so can offer great value for money.

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Blue Planet Eruption from Klasek Fireworks

Blue is the dearest and hardest colour to put in a firework and this has 6 different blue effects.A ..

£99.99 £84.99

Firework Show 128 Compound from Klasek

A 128 shot compound firework , a real bargain AND... and 8m safety distance.A bit of everything apar..

£99.50 £79.99

Glittering Prize Pack from Primed Pyro

New for 2021The Glittering Prize is a pack of 2 fireworks.Glittering Prize A;  56 shots of red ..

£210.00 £139.99

Indian Scream from Klasek Fireworks

Back in stock for 2021Indian Scream is a fantastic 100 shot firework with 10 different effects. Grea..

£109.99 £84.99

Revenant from Brightstar Fireworks

Revenant is a big 3 firework compound.A great mix of effects and a mixed firing pattern for a really..

£159.99 £99.99

Super Show 100 from Jorge Fireworks

Super Show is a 100 shot, single ignition firework, packed with effects and colours.Lasting at over ..

£69.00 £49.99

Super White Strobe from Klasek Fireworks

Super White Strobe is a stunning firework. I've seen some fantastic big rockets with great white gli..

£89.50 £64.99

Terminator from Jorge Fireworks

New for 2021Terminator is a 100 shot barrage that really rips. Whistling comets rise and burst ..

£84.00 £67.50
Firework Barrages £50 Plus

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