Firework Barrages £20 - £50

Firework Barrages £20 - £50

As we move up over the £20 barrier we into medium sized fireworks.

Usually, the number of tubes increase in proportion to larger tube sizes. Effects are bigger and we'll see some 25m safety distances creep in as we may tip over the 500g barrier for 8m safety distances.

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Poseidon from Standard Fireworks
-17% Out Of Stock

Poseidon from Standard Fireworks

Another great value single ignition from Standard Fireworks.Poseidon is a 90 shot barrage with a gre..

£59.99 £49.99

Purple Plums from Celtic Fireworks

Another firework that sounds like a medical complaint.But no, another great firework from Celtic. 25..

£36.99 £29.99

Serenity from Celtic Fireworks

Serenity is part of Celtics quieter range, hence the red packaging.A 35 shot Z firing cake. Coloured..

£49.99 £37.50

Signature 2525 from Klasek Fireworks

This 25 shot 25mm firework is from Klasek's Signature range.5 different effects fill the sky with co..

£34.95 £24.99

Signature 4920 from Klasek Fireworks

The Signature range is part of Klasek's premium range and that's for a reason.49 shots comprising 7 ..

£39.50 £29.99

Twinkle Tails from FAB Fireworks

Twinkle Tails is a 36 shot barrage from FAB Fireworks36 shots of golden comet tails bursting to big ..

£39.99 £34.99

VIP Nights from klasek Fireworks

Fanned fireworks are sometimes overlooked as you need to be a bit more aware of your surroundings fo..

£34.99 £29.99
Firework Barrages £20 - £50

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