Barrages £20 - £40

Barrages £20 - £40

As we move up over the £20 barrier we into medium sized fireworks.

Usually, the number of tubes increase in proportion to larger tube sizes. Effects are bigger and we'll see some 25m safety distances creep in as we may tip over the 500g barrier for 8m safety distances.

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Area 51 Barrages -20% Out Of Stock

Area 51

Area 51 is a great firework for display effects. Z firing rows of alternating big gold mines with co..

£49.99 £39.99
Ex Tax: £33.33
Backyard Battles Barrages -17% Out Of Stock

Backyard Battles

Backyard Battles is a great 100 shot barrage suitable for gardens and larger displays. It offers a g..

£47.99 £39.99
Ex Tax: £33.33
Bandicoot Barrages -30% Out Of Stock


A decent sized firework, 500g powder, 75 shots, 48 seconds duration and 20mm tubes AND it's 8m safet..

£49.99 £34.99
Ex Tax: £29.16
Big Gun -13%

Big Gun

New for 2018Not exactly a big gun but certainly a big bore at 30mm.25 shots of large brocade crowns ..

£40.00 £34.99
Ex Tax: £29.16
Breakout Barrages -17% Out Of Stock


Hard to believe that this is a garden firework. Glittering silver lift mine bursts to some fantastic..

£29.99 £24.99
Ex Tax: £20.83
Bubblemania Barrages -44%


A new product for us last year. A really good firework but never quite took off the way we expected...

£39.99 £22.50
Ex Tax: £18.75
Coco Barrages -9% Out Of Stock


New for 2018Coco is something different and we like different. 50 shots of spinning-hummers head sky..

£32.99 £29.99
Ex Tax: £24.99
Devil -13%


New for 2018A great paced 64 shot barrage from Klasek. 8 rows of 8 with each row having different ef..

£40.00 £34.99
Ex Tax: £29.16
Diamond Princess Barrages -17%

Diamond Princess

A truly fantastic barrage from Brothers Pyrotechnics. Thick comet tails burst to huge gold will..

£44.99 £37.50
Ex Tax: £31.25
Fireflies -10%


New for 2018We've been looking for something like this for some time now.Something that's really eff..

£38.99 £34.99
Ex Tax: £29.16
Fork Handles Barrages -17% Out Of Stock

Fork Handles

This was new into us last year and Fork Handles is a big display firework from Celtic Fireworks and ..

£41.99 £34.99
Ex Tax: £29.16
No Sound 25 -13%

No Sound 25

New for 2018Not exactly "No Sound" but certainly Low Noise and designed specifically to be as pet-fr..

£40.00 £34.99
Ex Tax: £29.16
Ogre -30%


New for 2018A mixed firing firework, this has a great mix of firing patterns, vertical, V and f..

£50.00 £34.99
Ex Tax: £29.16
Seismic Blast Barrages -53% Out Of Stock

Seismic Blast

Back in stock for 2017. Seismic Blast is a good size 49 shot firework with good effects. Thick comet..

£94.99 £44.99
Ex Tax: £37.49
Signature 25 from Klasek Fireworks New -12%

Signature 25

New for 2018This 25 shot 30mm firework is from Klasek's Signature range.5 different effects fill the..

£37.00 £32.50
Ex Tax: £27.08
Barrages, £20, £40