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Barrages or cakes are the most common form of firework people buy.

It's made up of multiple tubes, all interlinked and fired off a single fuse.

The Barrage may consist of multiple effects and firing patterns.

For retail, we are bound by legislation and currently, they are that for a firework to be deemed as a retail firework it must conform to the following.

All fireworks must have CE certification, this replaces the old BS7114 classification

Must not exceed 1kg nett explosive content

Must not exceed a maximum tube diameter of 30mm

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Nuclear Attack -15%

Nuclear Attack

New for 2018A great 16 shot barrage with good bursts and some crackles.4 different effects included ..

£9.99 £8.50


New for 2018A mixed firing firework, this has a great mix of firing patterns, vertical, V and f..

Pik N Mix selection -20%

Pik N Mix selection

As a child, I remember Woolworths Pick 'n Mix and how pleased I was when we got a brown paper bag fi..

£14.99 £11.99
Roar of the Beast from Klasek Fireworks -20% Pre-Order 2019

Roar of the Beast

A big 30mm 16 shot barrage from Klasek. Firing big Multi-coloured Dahlia bursts it's a great product..

£24.99 £19.99
Screeching Skyrider from Brothers -50%

Screeching Skyrider

Something different and we like different. A whistling hummer heads skywards and bursts into an arra..

£24.99 £12.50
Senior from Klasek Fireworks New -9% Pre-Order 2019


New for 2019Senior is another great value firework from Klasek5 rows of 5 different effects provide ..

£15.95 £14.50
Signature 25 from Klasek Fireworks -13%

Signature 25

New for 2018This 25 shot 30mm firework is from Klasek's Signature range.5 different effects fill the..

£37.50 £32.50
Skull & Bones -17% Pre-Order 2019

Skull & Bones

New for 201816 shots, but 30mm, so big effects.This doesn't disappoint when it comes to effects. Eac..

£23.99 £19.99
Snowflake to Avalanche -33%

Snowflake to Avalanche

I give up on how they name fireworks, but the effects are good. Silver brocade bursts to coloured ti..

£11.99 £7.99
Sorcerers Shadow Compound Barrages -32% Pre-Order

Sorcerers Shadow Compound

New for 2019Sorcerers Shadow is a 135 shot compound firework from Brightstar Fireworks.Four lin..

£199.99 £135.00
Spellbound Compound Barrages -29% Pre-Order

Spellbound Compound

New for 2019Spellbound is a 97 shot compound firework from Brightstar Fireworks Elite range.A stunni..

£175.00 £125.00
Starburst from Absolute Fireworks -12% Pre-Order 2019


For a garden firework and at this price, it's really good "lump" of a firework. 50 x 20mm tubes firi..

£32.99 £28.99
Starfire Warrior from Klasek Fireworks -15% Out Of Stock

Starfire Warrior

New for 2018A real heavyweight firework. 100 shots of various effects light up the sky and give the ..

£99.99 £84.99
Strike a Rose from Skycrafter Fireworks -33%

Strike a Rose

 I really like crossette cakes, I think when done right, they're a fantastic visual effect. Str..

£29.99 £19.99
Super White Strobe from Klasek Fireworks New -24% Pre-Order 2019

Super White Strobe

New for 2019Super White Strobe is a stunning firework. I've seen some fantastic big rockets with gre..

£84.99 £64.99