Barrages for sale from The Firework Store

Barrages or cakes are the most common form of firework people buy.

It's made up of multiple tubes, all interlinked and fired off a single fuse.

The Barrage may consist of multiple effects and firing patterns.

For retail, we are bound by legislation and currently, they are that for a firework to be deemed as a retail firework it must conform to the following.

All fireworks must have CE certification, this replaces the old BS7114 classification

Must not exceed 1kg nett explosive content

Must not exceed a maximum tube diameter of 30mm

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Grounds for Divorce Compound -35%

Grounds for Divorce Compound

NOW IN STOCK.. one of the best sellers of 2017 so be quickEvery now and then we see a firework video..

£199.99 £129.99
Ex Tax: £108.33
Gun Slinger from Galactic Fireworks -48% Out Of Stock

Gun Slinger

Gunslinger is a great single ignition firework. With multiple effects firing from all angles with st..

£143.99 £74.99
Ex Tax: £62.49
Happy Trolls from Absolute Fireworks -28%

Happy Trolls

Happy Trolls isn't a kiddy film you;re forced to sit through with a bunch of screaming kids, it's a ..

£17.99 £12.99
Ex Tax: £10.83
Hercules Limited Edition from Brothers Pyrotechnics -42%

Hercules Limited Edition

Hercules Limited edition is a suped-up Hercules for 2017. Fantastic effects and addition of loud rep..

£155.99 £89.99
Ex Tax: £74.99
Immortal Jellyfish from Skycrafter -27%

Immortal Jellyfish

Not sure if Jellyfish are immortal?? This firework is a great little performer. Another great value ..

£10.99 £7.99
Ex Tax: £6.66
Indian Scream -15%

Indian Scream

New for 2018A big lump of a 100 shot barrage from Klasek.10 rows of 10 with 25mm tubes ensure that t..

£100.00 £84.99
Ex Tax: £70.83
Kamikadze -9%


New for 2018Kamikadze is a great 16 shot barrage with 25mm tubes, the larger the tube the bigger the..

£16.00 £14.50
Ex Tax: £12.08
Meteor New Age Compound -13% Out Of Stock

Meteor New Age Compound

New for 2018Meteor New Age is a good lump of a firework (a proper technical phrase here) and a very ..

£80.00 £69.99
Ex Tax: £58.33
Minions from Absolute Fireworks -11%


You'd expect this to be Yellow with a single eye destined to wreak havoc. Instead we've got a great ..

£13.99 £12.50
Ex Tax: £10.42
Night Queen from Klasek Fireworks New -17%

Night Queen

Night Queen is a big bore 30mm 16 shot barrage from Klasek. Big silver palms with coloured tips and ..

£24.00 £19.99
Ex Tax: £16.66
No Sound 25 -13%

No Sound 25

New for 2018Not exactly "No Sound" but certainly Low Noise and designed specifically to be as pet-fr..

£40.00 £34.99
Ex Tax: £29.16
No Sound 49 -14%

No Sound 49

New for 2018Not exactly "No Sound" but certainly Low Noise and designed specifically to be as pet-fr..

£55.00 £47.50
Ex Tax: £39.58
Nuclear Attack -15%

Nuclear Attack

New for 2018A great 16 shot barrage with good bursts and some crackles.4 different effects included ..

£10.00 £8.50
Ex Tax: £7.08
Ogre -30%


New for 2018A mixed firing firework, this has a great mix of firing patterns, vertical, V and f..

£50.00 £34.99
Ex Tax: £29.16
Oriental Stars from Brightstar Fireworks -36% Out Of Stock

Oriental Stars

Oriental Stars is a great budget firework. Packing in 96 shots into this mini powerhouse it's great ..

£6.99 £4.50
Ex Tax: £3.75