Barrages for sale from The Firework Store

Barrages or cakes are the most common form of firework people buy.

It's made up of multiple tubes, all interlinked and fired off a single fuse.

The Barrage may consist of multiple effects and firing patterns.

For retail, we are bound by legislation and currently, they are that for a firework to be deemed as a retail firework it must conform to the following.

All fireworks must have CE certification, this replaces the old BS7114 classification

Must not exceed 1kg nett explosive content for a single firework, excludes compounds but each individual firework within a compound must not exceed 1kg

Must not exceed a maximum tube diameter of 30mm

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Ad Astra from Black Cat Fireworks

Ad Astra is possibly one of our best deals at the moment.A multi effect single ignition firework, wi..

£69.99 £49.99

Baby Boom From Klasek Fireworks

Baby gender reveal parties are now becoming more popular and we're getting asked for fireworks.We've..

£62.50 £34.99

Bangers & Flash from Jonathans Fireworks

A great 25 shot barrage.A 2-stage shot with a crackling mine bursting to blue and golden brocade bur..

£16.99 £13.25

Beaming Bertie from Jonathans Fireworks

Beaming Bertie is a great multi-effect fountain. Lots of colours, crackles and a decent duration...

£9.99 £7.99

Best Price 2530 from Klasek Fireworks

Best Price is part of the Klasek brandThis 25 shot x 30mm barrage delivers on it's brand. 5 rows of ..

£37.50 £22.50

Big Gun from Klasek Fireworks

Not exactly a big gun but certainly a big bore at 30mm.25 shots of large brocade crowns with red and..

£42.50 £29.99

Bite Me Harder from Celtic Fireworks

Can't wait for someone to ask for this in the shop, should be a laugh.A great 36 shot barrage from C..

£11.99 £8.99

Blue Planet Eruption from Klasek Fireworks

Blue is the dearest and hardest colour to put in a firework and this has 6 different blue effects.A ..

£99.99 £84.99

Bubble Man from Klasek Fireworks

Bubble Man is a great 130 shot firework. 13 rows of 10 with each row firing a different effect.It's ..

£89.99 £74.99

Casper from Klasek Fireworks

New for 2020 Casper is a 25 shot multi-effect barrage.5 rows of 5x25mm tubes with each row having a ..


Colossal Candle from Jonathans Fireworks

Colossal Candle is just that, a large 200 shot Roman Candle.Coloured comets with crackles fire from ..

£19.99 £16.50

Colour Crackles from Celtic Fireworks

Colour crackles is a 25 shot, 25mm barrage.Blue and red strobes burst into crackling clouds and gold..

£26.99 £18.99

Crazy Croc from Jonathans Fireworks

Crazy Crocs is a great low noise 96 shot barrage.Red, green and crackling comets head skyward i..

£5.99 £4.99

Crazy Night Compound from Klasek Fireworks

Crazy Night is a 2 x Firework compound.Comprising 2 498g fireworks fused together, this comes with a..

£119.99 £99.99

Dandy from Celtic Fireworks

A low noise 98 shot firework from CelticZ firing strobe mines split into coloured strobe effects. Fi..

£59.99 £44.95

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