Barrages £20 - £50

Barrages £20 - £50

As we move up over the £20 barrier we into medium sized fireworks.

Usually, the number of tubes increase in proportion to larger tube sizes. Effects are bigger and we'll see some 25m safety distances creep in as we may tip over the 500g barrier for 8m safety distances.

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Afterglow from Celtic Fireworks

A 25 shot barrage with Titanium tails to huge Gold willow bursts.This effect is always a crowd pleas..

£33.99 £24.99



Save £12.50

Baron Samedi
New -25% Pre Order 2021

Baron Samedi

A very "Voodoo" vibe with the packaging.Blue mines bursting to purple and white strobes, followed by..

£50.00 £37.50

Best Price 2530 from Klasek Fireworks

Best Price is part of the Klasek brandThis 25 shot x 30mm barrage delivers on it's brand. 5 rows of ..

£37.50 £29.99

Best Price Frozen 4920 from Klasek Fireworks

Best Price is part of the Klasek brandThis Frozen is 49shot-20mm bore size, multi-effect barrage.7 r..

£32.50 £24.99

Best Price WildFire 100/20 from Klasek Fireworks

Best Price is part of the Klasek brandWildfire is a 100 shot-20mm bore size, multi-effect barrage.10..

£59.99 £47.50

Big Gun from Klasek Fireworks

Not exactly a big gun but certainly a big bore at 30mm.25 shots of large brocade crowns with red and..

£42.50 £29.99

Brexit from Celtic Fireworks

No matter what your opinion is on Brexit, you can't argue this is a belter of a firework.It's a 25 s..

£42.49 £29.99



Save £10.01

Brocade Bomber from Zeus
New -15% Pre Order 2021

Brocade Bomber from Zeus

An 80 shot barrage of blue mines that burst into sparkling golden willows with a falling leaves core..

£65.00 £54.99

Casper from Klasek Fireworks

New for 2020 Casper is a 25 shot multi-effect barrage.5 rows of 5x25mm tubes with each row having a ..

£27.50 £19.99

Dandy from Celtic Fireworks

A low noise 98 shot firework from CelticZ firing strobe mines split into coloured strobe effects. Fi..

£72.99 £54.99

Episode XIII from Jorge

A Big fan firing firework.A 2-stage firework with a crackling mine and big gold time-rain brocades b..

£49.99 £34.99

Fallen Angel from Standard Fireworks

Fallen Angel is a great 120 shot single ignition firework from Standard Fireworks.A multi effect sin..

£64.99 £44.99

Fork Handles from Celtic Fireworks

Back again after a bit of a break.The name is synonymous with that fantastic Two Ronnies sketch and ..

£64.99 £44.99

Glittering Jewels from Jonathans Fireworks

Another firework that shows that you can have amazing low noise fireworks.Firing in multiple shots, ..

£59.99 £42.50

Grouch from Klasek Fireworks

This is how I feel as I get older.A good 64 shot barrage with 8 rows of 8 different effects. A good ..

£39.99 £29.99
Firework Barrages £20 - £50

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